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Your SpeedyMarks and your settings are currently stored in a local cookie. You can only access them on this computer and this browser.

If you want to store them an our server in order to access them from everywhere you have to:

(You will need a Google Account. Read More...)

Hint: When you store the SpeedyMarks on the server you can manage them from your desktop computer.


Your SpeedyMarks and your settings are currently stored on our server. You can access them from everywhere.

If you want keep your settings privately stored in a local cookie on this computer and browser you should:

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About SpeedyMarks

SpeedyMarks makes it easy to open and to bookmark your favourite web sites on the iPhone.

Screenshots provided by WebSnapr.

The SpeedyMarks are stored as a cookie in the browser on your local computer.


How to install

There is no need to install this aplication on the iPhone. Just open

in the Safari browser. You can add it to the home screen by clicking the little plus at the bottom browser bar:

Safari Plus Button

Link to SpeedyMarks

You can link from your web site to SpeedyMarks so that your web site can be easily added. Just use

with your web site URL and an optional TITLE as parameters (make sure it's properly encoded).


You can use this button:



This is the iPhone version of


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